Rudolf Zechner

Ellen Zechner

Research Area
Molecular Biosciences

Research Institution
University of Graz

Academic Position

Important Grants or Merits
R. Zechner: Wittgenstein Award by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF),
E. Zechner: Speaker Doctoral School "MOLECULAR ENZYMOLOGY"

Universal access to new knowledge gained through scholarship and research is central to the advancement of science.  Solutions to our most challenging global problems involving human medicine, energy and a changing climate clearly depend on the efficient and global dissemination of new knowledge gained through research.  This is particularly true for advances in basic science, since these results drive subsequent applications towards improved medicine, economic growth, and social well-being.  Currently utilization of research outcome is limited by the fact that access to published results is prohibitively expensive for many individuals and institutions in the academic and industrial research sector. That restriction not only squanders valuable research and development potential, the loss is particularly inacceptable given that the vast majority of basic research is financed by public funding.  To regain the potential of research progress through public investment, we support the worldwide initiative to disseminate research findings and published results openly.