Open Access Testimonials

In recent years, making scientific publications freely available on the internet (Open Access) has been supported by an increasing number of researchers from almost all fields.
Following the Dutch model experts speak, more than 40 outstanding researchers in Austria (incl. some Austrians abroad) from all branches of sciences and the humanities, from different institutions as well as from different age groups have been asked why they practice Open Access in one way or the other and why they think Open Access is important.

Ansorge UlrichSocial Sciences
Bischof HorstNatural Sciences
Breuker KathrinNatural Sciences
Bugnyar ThomasLife Sciences
Cerman MarkusHumanities
Ciabattoni AgataNatural Sciences
Diebold UlrikeNatural Sciences
Dür/Mateo Andreas/GemmaSocial Sciences
Englert BirgitHumanities
Fehr ErnstSocial Sciences
Ferreira-Briza FatimaLife Sciences
Fischer-Kowalski MarinaSocial Sciences
Goebl WernerHumanities
Henzinger ThomasNatural Sciences
Jensen-Jarolim ErikaLife Sciences
Keil/Brugger/Wiedl Martha/Eveline/BirgitHumanities
Keuschnigg ChristianSocial Sciences
Kratky ChristophLife Sciences
Krausz FerencNatural Sciences
Meyer LukasHumanities
Michor PeterNatural Sciences
Mittelsten Scheid OrtrunLife Sciences
Nentwich MichaelSocial Sciences
Nowotny HelgaSocial Sciences
Parncutt RichardHumanities
Pernicka SusanneSocial Sciences
Reinisch AugustSocial Sciences
Sariçiftçi Niyazi SerdarNatural Sciences
Schuster PeterNatural Sciences
Sigmund KarlNatural Sciences
Simon JudithHumanities
Somek AlexanderSocial Sciences
Sommaruga RubenLife Sciences
Spiekermann SarahSocial Sciences
Superti-Furga GiulioLife Sciences
Sutter MatthiasSocial Sciences
Thurner StefanNatural Sciences
Winter-Ebmer RudolfSocial Sciences
Zechner/Zechner Rudolf/EllenLife Sciences