Research Area
Computer Vision

Research Institution
Graz University of Technology

Academic Position
Univ. Prof and Vice Rector Research

Important Grants or Merits

29th Pattern Recognition Award 2002, DAGM Main Prize, 2007, British Machine Vision Conference, Best Scientific Paper, 2007, ICPR Best Scientific Paper 2008 & 2010, U.V. Heleva Award 2009

Computer Science has a long tradition in making papers, code and data publically available. Therefore, it is for me a common practice to share our research results with others in form of self-archiving work. This increases the impact of the scientific work and significantly simplifies scientific communication with other scientists.

Form the point of view as a vice rector of research, the scientific impact of the research at Graz University of Technology is of significant importance for me. In addition, the rapidly increasing costs that have to be spent for scientific publishing are a major concern. For both cases Open Access is effective. Therefore I strongly support Open Access initiatives.