Research Area
Cognitive Ethology

Research Institution
University of Vienna

Academic Position
Professor for Cognitive Ethology

Important Grants or Merits
START Price by the FWF (Austrian Science Fund)

One of the most important aspects of science is the dissemination of findings. Critically, we scientists have to take care that our results are not only published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, but that the articles are also available to everyone who is interested in the research. Often, prices and restrictions caused by the publishers may hinder colleagues in reading the original papers. I personally consider the idea of providing Open Access to published articles at given online portals as an elegant solution to this problem: it allows everyone, from fellow scientists within and outside of my discipline to interested lay persons, to have a look at the results of particular studies and the outcome of our research programs in general, without investing any costs or much search time. The high efficiency of this form of literature work certainly leads to a broader view and likely fosters integration of results from different working groups and even of different fields.