Research Area
African Studies, African Contemporary History

Research Institution
University of Vienna

Academic Position
Assistant Professor

Important Grants or Merits
Erwin-Schrödinger-Grant by the Austrian Science Fund (2009)

As Africanist I am aware how difficult it is for colleagues at African Universities to get access to up-to-date research articles of high standard. Many universities in African countries simply cannot afford to pay high rates for academic journals. For me as head of the editorial committee of the journal "Stichproben. Vienna Journal of African Studies" which was founded in 2001, it goes without saying that all articles which we publish are also available online as pdf-documents - without any costs or registration and without any delay.

To facilitate Open Access to scientific publications is in my opinion a means to reduce the existing asymmetric access to knowledge and thereby to contribute to a reduction of unequal power relations - especially between the global south and north. Science shall serve the development of societies. This is done most effectively when knowledge produced by scientists is made available to everyone - also outside the narrow academic circles.