Research Area
Behavioral Economics

Research Institution
University of Zurich, Department of Economics

Academic Position

Important Grants or Merits

ERC Advanced Grant, 2012, Recipient of the Marcel Benoist Prize, 2008

I firmly believe that the free, unencumbered availability of scientific results is an important factor in advancing research in all fields of study. In my own work, I constantly base my own research on results that peers have published - the easy access to their work is a great help for my own studies and experiments.

As almost all scientific research is funded with public financing, this is another reason why the resulting information should be available to the public. I am especially pleased that the University of Zurich has been a leader in providing open access through the Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA), making all scientific work at the University of Zurich available to the public.

I support all efforts guaranteeing free, public access to scientific results and sincerely hope that this clear need of the scientific community be implemented in as many nations as possible.