Research Area

Research Institution
Institute of Advanced Studies (IHS, Vienna), University of St. Gallen

Academic Position
Director and University Professor

Important Grants or Merits
Nomination research fellow of "Centre for Economic Policy Research" (CEPR), London

If it is practical and possible, I make all my important research work available to the public community. I support an "open access" policy. I personally benefit from the largest possible dissemination of my research output and, conversely, want to have free access to the work of other researchers. Free access without high financial cost is particularly important for younger researchers who sometimes may be restricted by limited financial resources.

In addition, I consider academic research to be a public good, financed to a larger extent with tax revenue, which should be accessible to the scientific community and the larger public without cost. Society should draw the largest possible benefits from public financing of universities and other public institutions of basic research.