Research Area
Practical Philosophy

Research Institution
Karl-Franzens-University Graz

Academic Position
Full Professor, Vice Dean, Head of the Institute of Philosophy

Important Grants or Merits
Faculty Fellow in Ethics (Harvard University), Feodor-Lynen Research Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation (Columbia University)

Within the legal boundaries my publications and research results are openly accessible on my website and I do allow others to make them accessible in that way. Whoever may be interested in (the themes of this) research should have easy, free-of charge access to the research results and wherever s/he happens to work her/himself. I consider this an element of good scientific practice. Scientific research depends on the continuing examination and debate of claims that research results are correct and significant, of the validity of arguments and the plausibility of theories as well as methods. Nobody should be arbitrarily excluded from meaningfully taking part in the practice, as is the case if s/he does not have access to (the most recent) publications and research results.

Universities and funding organizations for basic research should help to clarify the legal situation of Open Access and should promote the practice.