Research Area
Organic Solar Cells

Research Institution
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Academic Position
Ordinarius Professor for Physical Chemistry

Important Grants or Merits
Wittgenstein Award by the FWF, #14 Ranking by Institute of Scientific Information (ISI, 2011) among the world’s top 100 material scientists

The scientific research at academic institutions is a work for the progress of humanity. Therefore the public body finances and cares for this type of work. The results of scientific research can be used in many different ways and are the pillars of a knowledge based society. But they still serve for the progress in humanity. The rights on science belong to the whole mankind.

The intellectual property rights can regulate and limit the economical use of knowledge for a period of time but they can never block the access to scientific information. Therefore all patents are also published.

The scientific results are not a personal belonging and should not be hidden from humanity. Therefore, I firmly believe that scientists should make their results accessible to all mankind.

Humanity's access to scientific results is often sacrificed at the altar of economy and profit making.

Therefore I plea for a free and equal access for scientific information.