Research Area
Behavoiral Economics

Research Institution
University of Innsbruck; Department of Public Finance

Academic Position
Full professor; Head of Department

Important Grants and Merits
Science Prize of the State of Tyrol

I support open access of scientific publications and data for the following main reasons:

(1) Open access accelerates scientific progress, because it increases transparency with respect to the frontier that has been reached within a particular research field at a particular point in time. Knowing about the frontier facilitates further developments and potential break-troughs of other researchers and research teams. It should be clear that restricted access to publications and data is always a restriction of scientific competition, which I consider as bad for advances in knowledge.

(2) Open access facilitates the transmission of ideas beyond the scientific community. This is very important for the support of the general public for scientific research - which is typically tax-financed in our country. Hence, open access makes public how and for which reason researchers are spending public money.

For these reasons, I make my papers (in a working paper stadium) available on my homepage and on various working paper series platforms, and encourage others to do so as well.