Research Area
Complex Systems

Research Institution
Medical University of Vienna

Academic Position
Full professor

Important Grants and Merits
Coordinator FP7 project LASAGNE

Profits of some publishing houses are reaching almost obscene dimensions. In 2010 Elsevier reported a net profit of over a billion USD. This is for work that was mainly not done by the company, but by scientists who are usually paid by the tax payer. Effectively the situation arises that the states first pay their science and then have to pay a private company to access it. Economically this system is absurd. In case the publishers would play an active role in distribution and dissemination of science, one could discuss of how much this service should be worth - however most publishers do not play that role actively and there is no obvious benefit over Open Access. On the contrary, in the end the publishers are responsible for effectively restricted access. Science must be accessible to all.

Mainly due to these reasons we try to use Open Access as much as possible. Works that we publish in traditional journals we post on the ArXiv preprint server, which is freely accessible.