Archives of Cultural Heritage - The archives of the Forum Stadtpark Graz

Vienna (FWF) - Since summer 2000, the archives of the Forum Stadtpark have been freely accessible to the public. The material collected in these archives covers over 40 years of cultural history and has been sorted, arranged, systematised and compiled in order to permit the continuation of the archive. With the assistance of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Klaus Zeyringer of the Université Catholique de l'Ouest in Angers and his colleague Christine Grond have successfully completed this mammoth project and, in addition, have comprehensively documented and analysed the activities and aspects of the Forum Stadtpark on the basis of the archive material.

The Forum Stadtpark was founded in 1959 as a self-managed association of artists in Graz, and has since then been active in a variety of art disciplines - architecture, painting, art, film, photography, literature, music and theatre. The association's varied materials were merely packed for storage over the years, but were neither prepared in such a way as to be manageable nor were they made accessible to the public. "Our aim was to set up a total archive for all the sectors - taking particular account of interdisciplinary aspects and the Forum Stadtpark's own productions," explains Zeyringer.

Eight archive sections
Visitors to the Forum Stadtpark archives will find a systematic and manageable list of the extremely numerous and various materials of the artists' association. Basically, there are eight sub-archives, which are being continually updated. The newspaper archive contains an almost complete collection of local newspaper reports since the association's foundation. The publications section comprises author's copies and the library with all its publications. The programme archive comprises all the documents and papers that are produced when events are organised and held. A separate archive section houses the monthly programmes that have been produced since the 1960s, of particular interest in their reflection of the development of commercial art since 1960. For art-historical aspects, there is also an artists' postcard archive reflecting the distinct postcard culture. The video archive comprises over 40 recordings of literary and other events since 1990. The correspondence is also available in a separate archive section. The large collection of posters mostly designed by artists contained in the poster archive have been recorded in a database and the posters themselves have been packed and stored appropriately for the first time. "In addition, we have prepared further documentation and a theoretical analysis of the main aspects and activities of the Forum Stadtpark in three book manuscripts now completed (with two already published), two of which are linked to online versions," concludes Zeyringer.

Prof. Klaus Zeyringer
I.P.L.V., Université Catholique de l'Ouest

Dr. Christine Grond

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Vienna, 30 August 2002