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CHIST-ERA IV – Call 2022 “Security and Privacy in Decentralised and Distributed Systems (SPiDDS)”

2022-10-28 / 00:00 CET
2023-02-02 / 17:00 CET
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Since 2010, the FWF has been a partner in the ERANET CHIST ERA and the follow-ups ERA NET CHIST ERA II and III. The most recent follow-up, CHIST ERA IV, was launched in the autumn of 2019. 

The aim of this network is the support and funding of excellent transnational research projects in the field of information and communication sciences and technologies. One to two transnational calls for applications with a “high risk – high impact” character are published each year.

CHIST-ERA IV is looking for highly innovative and multidisciplinary projects in the above fields for this call.
Each consortium must be composed of at least three eligible partners from three different countries, working in relevant disciplines, and requesting funding from participating partner funding organisations. A Consortium Coordinator is responsible for submitting the proposal to the CHIST-ERA Call Secretariat.

A list of participating countries can be found on CHIST-ERA (chistera.eu)

The call 2022 for CHIST ERA IV transnational projects has been open since October 2022. Proposals can be submitted until 2 February 2023.

The topic of the call is: Security and Privacy in Decentralised and Distributed Systems (SPiDDS)

In addition to the application submitted to the CHIST-ERA Call Secretariat, an application (in accordance with the FWF guidelines for Stand-Alone Projects) must also be submitted to the FWF online at https://elane.fwf.ac.at/. This is already required at the pre-proposal stage, under the programme category “I – International Projects,” deadline 2 February 2023, according to the date of the postmark on the cover sheet.

For submissions to be valid, the cover sheet generated at the end of the online submission process must be printed out and signed. It can then either be sent to the FWF by postal mail (FWF, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Vienna) or scanned, digitally signed, and sent to the FWF (office(at)fwf.ac.at) as an email attachment.

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Name: Veronika Schöpf
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