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Joint Research Programme: “Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services”

2018-10-02 / 00:01 CET
2019-02-08 / 16:00 CET

Short Description

BiodivERsA is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 international call for research proposals on “Effects of biodiversity status and changes on animal, human and plant health”.

This call will include two actions, supporting two different types of research projects

  • Action A will support collaborative research projects, gathering different research teams and generating new primary data;
  • Action B will support research synthesis projects, gathering individuals forming a working group who perform research and answer research questions using existing data sets. These research projects won’t collect or produce new primary data, the core activity of these projects being synthesizing and/or analyzing existing data (synthesizing concepts and ideas is also eligible). Note that these projects differ from systematic reviews or knowledge synthesis which are based on a synthesis of publications and reports.

Scientific teams are invited to form international consortia comprising research groups from at least three countries participating in the call. Proposals will be evaluated according to criteria of (i) scientific excellence, (ii) policy relevance and societal impact (which includes stakeholder engagement), and (iii) quality and efficiency of the project implementation.

17 funding organisations from 12 countries are joining this call

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Region Guadeloupe, Reunion, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland

A two-step process will apply, with a mandatory pre-registration of projects at the first step and submission of full proposals at the second step. Pre-registrations and full proposals (to be written in English) must be submitted electronically with the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS). The link to the EPSS will be available on the BiodivERsA websites.

In addition to the application at the call secretariat administrative and financial data as well as project abstracts (in accordance with the FWF guidelines for stand-alone projects) must be submitted online to the FWF at  https://elane.fwf.ac.at/.

This is required already at the pre-registration stage via the programme category “IK – International Projects” (preproposal, deadline 16. November 2018).

For the full proposal stage applicants must choose the programme category “I – International Projects”, deadline 8. February 2019.

For submissions to be valid, the cover sheet generated at the end of the online submission process must be printed out and signed. It can then either be sent to the FWF by conventional mail (FWF, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Vienna) or scanned in, given a digital signature and sent to the FWF (office(at)fwf.ac.at) as an e-mail attachment.

Deadline for submitting pre-registration 16 November 2018; 16:00 CET
Deadline for submitting full proposals 08 Februar 2019; 16:00 CET
Funding decision October 2019

Detailed information: BiodivERsA

Further information


Name: Iris Fortmann, Sensengasse 1, 1090 Vienna, Tel: +43-1-505 67 40-8211
Name: For technical questions regarding the submission, please contact the TPO or the EPSS technical helpdesk: Taavi Tiirik

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