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2018-12-03 / 00:01 CET
2019-02-19 / 14:00 CET

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The FWF participates in the ERA-Net NORFACE (New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Cooperation in Europe), an European-wide Initiative in the field of social sciences in which 21 European funding organisations are involved. The sixth call will be open until 19 February 2019, 2pm CET. The available funding of this major transnational programme stands at 17,6 Mio. EUR. EU support is available under Horizon 2020.

By participating in this European research network, the FWF sets an important focus for the social sciences in Europe and for transnational cooperation.

Within the NORFACE framework Austrian scientists can apply for transnational research projects in the field of "Democratic governance in a turbulent age". This broadly defined topic offers the opportunity for application to a variety of disciplines within the field of social sciences.

Each project team must be composed of at least three research teams consisting of researchers in three different NORFACE countries participating in this Call. Maximum duration of projects is three years. Total funding requested per project may not exceed 1,2 Mio. EUR. Project teams with four or more research partners from at least four different countries participating in this NORFACE Call may request a maximum of 1.5 Mio. EUR total across these partners.

Application deadline for outline proposals will be 19 February 2019, 2pm CET. Applicants who are invited to submit a full proposal will be informed in May 2019. Full proposals will have to be submitted by 10 September 2019. Funding decisions are expected by March 2020.
Applications for this Call have to be submitted according to the FWF-guidelines in the version of August 2018.

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