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Call for Proposals: Research Groups (FG) Call 2019 & New Guidelines

2019-04-10 / 00:01 CET
2019-09-30 / 23:59 CET

Short Description

Three to five outstanding female and male researchers can work together in a research group. The aim is to carry out research on complex, medium-term (up to five years) research questions that require cooperation between different areas of expertise and innovative research approaches. The medium-term cooperation in these research groups facilitates a nationwide deepening or reconsolidation of a research topic. You can find the new FG guidelines on the FWF homepage.

2-step procedure 

  • Submission deadline draft proposals: 30 September 2019 (submission via ELANE / approval by the lead research organisation)
  • Decision draft proposals: Spring 2020
  • Decision full proposals: November 2020

Further information


Name: Sabine Haubenwallner

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