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Call for Proposals #ConnectingMinds

2020-02-26 / 00:01 CET
2020-06-08 / 13:00 CET

Short Description

From now until 8 Juni 2020 applications for #ConnectingMinds Worshops can be submitted to the FWF. This new programme is designed to encourage researchers to include non-academic stakeholders in their research processes. Funding is offered to teams that combine scientific and societal knowledge and thereby attempt to meet social, technological, ecological, and economic challenges.

The programme is divided into two stages. In a first step two to five researchers can submit an application for the implementation of a project-specific workshop (#ConnectingMinds workshop). In the second step, the full application for funding for a #ConnectingMinds project can be submitted in autumn 2020.

Detailed information on the call for proposals can be found at:

During a #ConnectingMinds Proposers’ Day the application guidelines for the current call will be presented and specific questions of the participants will be answered.


Name: Aliette Dörflinger

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