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First Call of Collaborative Research Action for Pathways to Sustainability

2020-07-23 / 12:00 CET
2020-10-31 / 23:59 CET

Short Description

As part of the „Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Action: Transdisciplinary Research for Pathways to Sustainability scientists from Austria have the opportunity to apply for funding of one to two year international and transdisciplinary networks considering important interactions among at least three sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The consortia must consist of researchers established in at least three different countries, whereby the FWF requires the integration of at least one network partner outside of Europe.

The following countries participating: Austria, Brazil, Chinese Taipei, France, Germany, Ghana, Turkey, South Africa and the United States of America. Additionally, through Future Earth participants from any country in Africa, through IAI (Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research) participants from the Americas, and researchers from GEO member states are eligible for this call.

When designing the network please take into account that each participating funding agency might have different eligibility criteria, which can be found in the corresponding annexes.

Further details, call documents and the submission portal can be found at the Belmont Forum Grant Operations website: https://www.belmontforum.org/cras/#patways2020

Further information


Main contact
Name: Dr. Bettina Löscher
Role: Scientific Project Officer
Name: Elvisa Seumenicht
Role: Operational Project Officer

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