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Call for Proposals on Alternative Methods to Animal Testing

2022-02-14 / 00:01 CET
2022-05-16 / 14:00 CET
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Funding is available for projects that are clearly defined with specific limits in terms of duration and budget that make a significant contribution to the discovery and development of alternative methods and are thus in line with the 3Rs principles described by Russel and Burch in 1959. The aim is to develop research and testing methods that completely replace animal testing (replacement), reduce the number of animals used (reduction), or minimise the animals’ pain and distress (refinement).

The projects are financed by funds from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF). The BMBWF has made €600,000 of funding available for research projects as part of this call. Where the resources required for an excellent project to be funded by the BMBWF exceed the funding amount provided by the BMBWF, the FWF will fund the difference from its own budget.

Submission must be in accordance with the application guidelines of the Stand-Alone Projects programme, exclusively via elane, the electronic application portal of the FWF.

Funding decisions will be made by the BMBWF based on the recommendations of the FWF Board within four weeks of the FWF Board’s decision-making meeting, which is currently planned for December 2022.

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