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France – Austria: New Call for Bilateral Research Projects

2022-09-20 / 00:01 CET
2022-11-07 / 17:00 CET

Short Description

The FWF and its French partner organization (ANR) also this year jointly organize a call for bilateral Austrian-French research projects (“Joint Projects”). Proposals will be handled according to the Lead Agency Procedure. ANR acts as Lead Agency for all funding proposals in this call. Applicants must pre-register their intention to submit a proposal on the ANR website until 7 November 2022, 17.00 hrs, in order to be eligible for submitting a proposal until March 2023. The call is open to project proposals from all areas of basic research, including clinical research.

For details, please refer to the information for applicants, which can be downloaded here (under “France/ANR”).

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Name: Christoph Bärenreuter

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