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FWF Coaching Workshop Medical University Innsbruck (KLIF Program)

2023-11-10 / 09:00 CET
/ 17:00 CET

Short Description

FWF-Coaching workshops offer a practical insight into the FWF’s working methods and processes and clarify key points of the application process and project management. The workshops are aimed in particular at scientists and researchers who are planning to apply to the FWF for funding in the near future and have the necessary qualifications.

Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of the FWF, such as can be acquired by attending an FWF information event. There are no restrictions with regard to the professional background of the participants. This event is organized exclusively for employees of the Medical University of Innsbruck.

Structure and program

Coaching workshops are practice-oriented: inputs from FWF experts alternate with practical exercises. The main focus of these workshops is working with real proposals taken from the FWF's daily work focused on the KLIF Program. Participants slip into the role of reviewers and analyze and discuss applications and reviews. By comparing the initial application with the approved resubmission, participants learn the "dos and don’ts" as well as the opportunities and pitfalls of the application process.

Please note that this event will be held in English.

Further details on FWF events: https://www.fwf.ac.at/en/research-funding/coaching-workshops-information-events.

Location Info

Hotel Congress Innsbruck
Rennweg 12a
Zip City
6020 Innsbruck

Misc Infos

Registration Deadline: 2023-10-27 23:59
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