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Job Type: Wissenschaftliche Jobausschreibungen

Master student position

Life Sciences, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Medical University Vienna; Division of Haematology and Haemostaseology, Internal Medicine I
Closing Date


A master student position will be available within the Special Research Program SFB-54: "InThro", which allows to establish a network of eight research groups, focusing on molecular and cellular links between inflammation and thrombotic diseases.

Thromboses of the venous or the arterial system are a serious health problem nowadays. Certain diseases are known to increase the risk for venous and arterial thromboses considerably and this is specifically true for cancer. Recent studies have identified factors that contribute to thrombosis development in patients with cancer. These include tissue factor-positive extracellular vesicles (TF+EVs) and neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs). It is the aim of this master thesis to analyse the phenotype of immune cells and platelets from patients with cancer compared healthy controls, as well as to analyse the interplay between immune cells, platelets, TF+EVs and NETs in vitro to extend our knowledge on thrombosis development in patients with cancer. Methods within this master thesis will include cell culture, isolation of different blood cell types, phenotype and activation studies with different immune cells, ELISA and flow cytometry.

The applicant should have a Bachelor degree or equivalent degree in Life Sciences or Biochemistry or Molecular Biology. Experience with basic techniques used in Molecular Biology and with the use of basic computer software is desirable. The applicant should be interested in applied research, show an independent working-style and work very precisely.


Applications including a detailed CV and relevant diplomas should be sent by email to:

Lena Hell, PhD


Main contact
Name: Dr. Lena Hell

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