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Medical University of Vienna, Center for Virology
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We are looking for a highly motivated student with a strong interest in research at the cross-roads of virology/immunology.

The position is available in the flavivirus research group at the Center for Virology, Medical University of Vienna (project leader Assoc. Prof. Dr. Judith Aberle). Our group focuses on the dissection of virus-specific immune responses to flavivirus infection and vaccines. We offer you the possibility to conduct research in an excellent scientific environment, including the participation in centre seminars, lab meetings and journal clubs.


Your work would include the investigation of the human CD4 T cell specificity after flavivirus infection using state of the art technologies (ELISPOT, FACS), the analysis of experimental epitopes in three-dimensional protein structures, generation of T cell lines/clones for the use in novel antigen processing assays as well as in silico prediction of peptide-MHCII affinities.

Desirable qualifications are basic skills in immunology, excellent written and oral English language skills and experience of working under sterile conditions.


Please send your application including a CV, brief statements describing the applicant's research motivation and degree certificates to judith.aberle(at)




Main contact
Name: Assoz Prof Dr Judith Aberle

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