This lecture investigates the concept of e-lit, a novel kind of literature and academically still relatively unexplored. Although there are heated debates regarding e-lit’s acceptance by traditional literary audiences, critics, and academics, there is evidence that it has been embraced by large groups of students. The latest online teaching activities show students’ growing interest and participation in reading and devising digital texts, though e-lit has not yet been widely approved as part of school curricula. The impact of e-lit has recently filtered up to academia, as evidenced by conferences and associations dedicated to scholarly perspectives on new literary trends. The main focus of this presentation is on an integrative classification of e-lit’s diverse definitions, its brief historical survey, a critical discussion of its emerging literary forms, and a study of its developing methodology, to be used in a new M.A. course syllabus.


Milena Kaličanin’s academic interests include Renaissance English literature, Canadian studies, British (especially Scottish) studies and digital literature. Currently she is ifk Senior Fellow.


Start: 18.12.2023, 18:15
Ende: 18.12.2023, 00:00




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