Research at the Fish Health Division aims to provide solutions for fish welfare, and to develop antiparasitic strategies and vaccines to sustain fish as a food supply and increase sustainable global food production from aquaculture. We strive to innovate in the fields of molecular parasitology and immunology. Our laboratory has a strong research focus on myxozoans, microscopic parasites causing a number of diseases in fish. In project funded by the Austrian Science Fund, we are investigating the interaction of parasite blood stages with erythrocytes, enzyme cascades for hemoglobinolysis, and we aim to characterize the poorly known immune defenses of red blood cells and immune evasion strategies of the parasites. We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student whose background and skills can address and investigate these questions with the appropriate training.

Tasks: • Experimental in vitro and in vivo methods, molecular biology • Bioinformatics, comparative transcription studies • CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing • Data analysis and preparation using mathematical and statistical models • Preparation of presentations and scientific publications, as well as participation in conferences.


Molecular biology, Enzyme cascades, Parasites, Host-parasite interaction, Fish immunology


vetmeduni Vienna


Fish Health Division




15. August 2024


15. Juli 2024


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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Astrid Holzer

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