We are looking for a PhD candidate for the Austrian Biorefinery Center Tulln (ABCT), in connection with the ABC&M doctoral school at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). The offered research project is co-financed by industrial partners and concerned with fundamental research in the field of polysaccharides. Specifically, cellulose and other polysaccharides (as well as their hydrolysis and oxidation products) are to be converted into novel complexing and anti-scaling agents to replace their fossil-based counterparts.



* Analysis, modification, and valorization of cellulose, cello-oligosaccharides and other polysaccharides

* Setup of analytical methods to assess the efficiency of complexing and anti-scaling agents

* Chemical modification of cellulose and polysaccharides

* Focus on chemical synthesis and on NMR, GPC and MS analysis



* Master’s degree in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical technology or a related subject

* Advanced English speaking and writing skills

* Being creative, communicative and a good team player



* Internationally recognized and one of the world-leading groups in the field of biorefineries / chemistry of renewable resources

* Contract: 3 years / 30 h per week, gross monthly salary: 2.684,10€ (14x p.a.)

* Member of the ABC & M Doctoral school and the opportunity to visit international conferences and workshops

* New facilities, international team, & a lot of expertise in related topics to bio-resources

* Work place: Vienna (BOKU, Muthgasse) and Tulln (BOKU UFT)

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