We have the following open position in the Rinke Lab - Group for Microbial MultiOmics and Biorecycling (MMOB) @ the University of Innsbruck, Austria:


Postdoc, (B 1/3), 100%, 4 year position:

Objective: Strengthen the area of ​​bioinformatics and computational biology in the Microbial MultiOmics and Biorecycling Group.

Preferred skills: Doctorate in bioinformatics and genomics, computational biology, or a related field; experience in analyzing microbial transcriptomics, proteomics and metagenomics data; experience with long-read sequencing, e.g. B. with Oxford Nanopore (ONT) data; ability to work efficiently across multiple projects; relevant teaching experience; experience in project management and execution; international experience;continuing publication activity and experience with project proposals.

Beneficial Skills: experience as a system administrator, knowledge of machine learning methods, experience operating anaerobic bioreactors and performing stable isotope probing (SIP)


Link to submit your application: https://lfuonline.uibk.ac.at/public/karriereportal.details?asg_id_in=13919

Job ad 13919; Deadline 12.12.2023

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