The group of Stefan Freunberger ( is looking for an outstanding postdoctoral researcher interested working on a frontier topic of O2 redox chemistry at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria. Exploiting oxygen redox chemistry in batteries may enable a step change in energy storage but the cell chemistries also suffer from irreversible reactions originating from the oxygen redox. Singlet oxygen (1O2) formation has only recently been recognized as the cause of these irreversible reactions. Our group, together with others, has shaped the topic and knowledge of 1O2 in non-aqueous redox chemistry [1].[2],[3]. However, knowledge about effects, formation, and mitigation mechanisms is still critically underdeveloped. The aim of the post is to close these critical knowledge gaps with relevance to both energy storage and pure chemistry.

We have previously established the now widely adopted methods for 1O2 detection in non-aqueous electrochemistry. We shall expand these methods and apply them to in-situ electrochemistry (non-aqueous & aqueous), complemented by a suite of in/ex-situ methods and synthesis. To gain a deeper theoretical understanding, we will collaborate with groups specialized in quantum chemical calculations.


Your profile

• PhD in Chemistry, Materials Science, or Chemical Engineering or related field

• Commitment to research excellence with a proven relevant track record in leading journals

• Experience in physical chemistry, electrochemistry, and coupled spectroscopic and diffractive techniques

• Experience in battery electrochemistry, ideally also O2 electrochemistry

• Experience in time resolved spectroscopy and quantum chemical methods is a strong plus

• Experience in inorganic and organic syntheses incl. under inert conditions is a strong plus


Application documents: Please send a single pdf document containing your cover letter, CV, publication list, and contact information of 2 to 3 references.

To submit your application please email: stefan.freunberger(at) Please use the position name above as your subject line.





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