Top Citizen Science (TCS)

The FWF has issued a call for proposals for the Top Citizen Science (TCS) funding program. €250,000 in funding is available for the 2023 call. 

FWF-funded projects suitable in content and methodology are eligible for funding, which is intended for the expansion of existing projects through the addition of citizen science components. 

In the context of this program, citizen science is primarily defined as citizens becoming actively involved in scientific research and the generation of knowledge by contributing their knowledge, resources, and commitment.

New in 2023: Additional funding for projects on Sustainable Food Systems
In 2023, Fonds Zukunft Österreich will provide additional funding of €150,000 for innovative TCS projects as part of the subject-specific funding Sustainable Food Systems.  

The goal is to expand citizen involvement in research projects focusing on sustainable foods and sustainable food systems. Research questions can address topics such as:  

  • Healthy nutrition and sustainable food production  
  • Climate-neutral and resource-efficient agricultural, food, and nutrition systems 
  • Economic, environmental, and social impacts of food production systems 

Please see the document “Supplementary Information” for additional details on applying for this program. In addition to the documents required to apply to TCS, an additional form describing the proposal’s relevance to the subject-specific funding must be submitted on elane, the FWF's online application portal. 

The key funding area Sustainable Food Systems is a joint initiative with aws. More detailed information on the "aws Sustainable Food Systems Initiative" can be found here. To be notified of future programs in the aws Food Systems Initiative, please sign up here

Target group
All researchers leading an FWF-funded project are eligible to apply. The aim is to address citizens of different ages, genders, and social backgrounds as well as people with highly specialized knowledge and expertise (knowledge communities). Young target groups are expressly welcome.

Eligible for funding are research activities that enable the participation of citizens, who - without impacting the high quality of the research work - contribute their skills, expertise, and curiosity. As a result, research findings can be expanded and the scientific knowledge generated can be significantly increased.

The scientific quality of the research behind the proposal must be ensured by an existing 

FWF project that is still in progress at the time of the funding decision in November 2023 (projects scheduled to end on January 31, 2024 or later).

TCS projects have a maximum duration of two years. Cost-neutral extensions are possible.

A maximum funding amount of €50,000 per application applies (including 5% general project costs).

Application submission
Online using the FWF's digital application portal (elane

The FWF will be accepting applications for TCS extensions to existing FWF-funded projects from February 22, 2023 until May 31, 2023; the submission period on elane ends at 2:00 pm local time Vienna/Austria.

Gerit Oberraufner 

Christoph Reiter (subject-specific funding Sustainable Food Systems)


Electronic application portal