We conduct clinical and related experimental research: 1) Long-COVID Register at the Division of Cardiology of the 2nd Department of Internal Medicine, Medical University of Vienna (MUW). We gather clinical, imaging (cardiac MRI), clinical laboratory, and molecular biology laboratory (miR, circRNA, proteomics, cell-free DNA, peripheral blood mononuclear cells) data of patients suffering from Long COVID syndrome. For the integration of the clin-omics data and search of predictive factors for prevalence and clinical outcome, a network medicine approach is necessary; 2) cell-free DNA and spatial gene expression downstream analysis is required for clinical and experimental research.

In the frame of our FWF (Austrian Science Fund) project (Predictive Biomarkers of Type, Severity and Longevity of Post-COVID Syndrome. The “POSTCOV” project), a Bioinformatician postdoc position (30h/week) for 1 year is announced. Predicted start from 1. Mai 2024.


Your task:

- Setting up an integrated database of clin-omics model of system biology of post-COVID syndrome by using bioinformatics, and integrating the big data of omics and clinical and laboratory records;

- Analysing the clin-omics datasets by network medicine approach to define the complex molecular fingerprints of post-COVID disease

- Design RNA interference (RNAi)-mediated therapeutic approaches

- Cell-free DNA and spatial gene expression downstream analysis (with graphical display of the data)

- Supervision of PhD students

- Publication activities and preparation of external funding applications


Your profile:

- Completion of bioinformatical Master doctorate

- Strong experience with programming languages (python, R, bash scripts)

- In-depth knowledge in bioinformatics, network medicine and construction of databases

- Knowledge in molecular biology and bioinformatical interpretation of molecular biological processes

- Experience in medicine and biology

- Experience with clinic-related research is preferable

- Very good English spoken and written, preferably good German language,

- Appropriate track record of publications in scientific journals

- Open and flexible personality and integration in our nice lab team


Your perspective

- Working in a nice and motivated lab team milieu, including physicians, PhD students and molecular biology postdocs

- Yearly salary of 63022,5 € (30h/week).

- Flexible working time for a challenging job


Applications should include the curriculum vitae, publication list, and motivation letter. Application should be emailed to Prof. Dr. Mariann Gyöngyösi, email: mariann.gyongyosi(at)meduniwien.ac.at


Bioinformatics, Network medicine for Long-COVID Research (Clin-omics), 10x Genomics, Graphical display of gene expression


Medical University of Vienna


Dept. Cardiology, Medical University of Vienna




01. April 2024


30. Juni 2024


Prof. Dr. Mariann Pavone-Gyöngyösi

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