The Spring 2024 recruitment call of the Vienna Doctoral School of Microbiology and Environmental Science is now open! We are announcing 8 PhD positions in microbiology and environmental science with the following topics and supervisors:


Physiology and ecology of the neonatal gut microbiota

Supervisor: David Berry

Biodegradable Polymer Degradation in Compost Environments

Supervisor: Sarah Pati

The Influence of Invasive Species on Host-Associated Microbiomes

Supervisors: Jillian Petersen and Angela Sessitsch

Impacts of bacterial associated ectomycorrhizal fungi on forest fungal and tree growth

Supervisor: Mark Anthony

Emerging pollutant transformation and reactive oxygen species formation by oxygenase enzymes in different microbiomes

Supervisor: Sarah Pati

Survival and resuscitation mechanisms of desert soil bacteria

Supervisor: Dagmar Wöbken

The effect of seasonal oxygen fluctuations on aquatic microbiomes

Supervisor: Barbara Bayer

Microbiome-Enhanced Silicate Weathering

Supervisor: Petra Pjevac

Interested candidates can find more information on the individual projects and application process on our website:

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