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The University of Innsbruck, founded in 1669, is the largest research and education institution in Tyrol and the third largest in Austria according to student population. It is one of the major Austrian universities, and four of its researchers have been distinguished as Nobel Laureates.



University Assistant (PhD position)

Code BIO-13916


Start date/duration:

from 04.03.2024

for 4 years


Administrative unit:

Department of Microbiology


Extent of employment:

20 hours per week; will be increased to 30 hours per week once the dissertation agreement has been signed


Job Description:

In this position you are expected to write a dissertation in a stimulating environment using the university's infrastructure. You will hold your own lectures, tutor students and participate in administration. 50% of the working time is reserved for the thesis.



Job profile:

The description associated with this job duties and requirements can be found at:



The minimum gross salary (stipulated by collective agreement) for 20 hours per week amounts to € 1.639 per month (14 times)*. The salary will be increased to € 2.458 for 30 hours per week once the dissertation agreement has been signed and sent to the Personnel Department. The salary will be higher if you have worked in a similar position before. Furthermore, the university has numerous attractive offers (



PhD position (B1/1): Dissertation on the topic “Exploring novel microbial lineages and their adaptations to survival in extreme environments”


Preferred skills: Completed master's degree in genomic research, computational biology, microbiology or a related field; experience in metagenomic analysis of environmental samples; experience in microbial phylogeny and metabolic reconstruction of uncultured bacteria and archaea.


Beneficial Skills: Knowledge of molecular biology, e.g. DNA extraction, PCR, etc., and experience with microbial enrichment cultures and/or bioreactors are an advantage.

Please include a written proposal on your dissertation project with your application (max. 5 pages).


Project proposal outline:



Link to submit your application: < >


Job ad 13916; Deadline 15.12.2023

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