The FWF supports open science activities within the framework of various funding programs and initiatives. An overview of these funding opportunities can be found below.

Open-Access Block Grant

As of January 1, 2024, costs for the open-access publishing of work (peer-reviewed journal articles, contributions to edited volumes, etc.) resulting in whole or in part from FWF-funded projects will be supported by means of an Open-Access Block Grant provided in addition to the approved project budget.

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Book Publications

This program funds the publication and simultaneous open-access publication of books on research findings.

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Digital Publications

This program funds the publication of research results in stand-alone digital formats.

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Academic Journals

This program funds the establishment or modernization of open-access academic journals.

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Top Citizen Science

Research for me and you – the Top Citizen Science program is aimed at researchers who actively involve citizens in the research process. Whether collecting data, sharing observations, or contributing experiences – there are no limits to the ways citizens can participate, and partners such as schools or clubs can also be involved.

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