The FWF’s program portfolio covers all areas of basic research, from career development measures and project funding for research projects in small or larger teams to support for cross-institutional or international collaborations.

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The FWF’s funding opportunities give researchers from all areas of basic research the opportunity to carry out innovative research projects. The grants provide the freedom needed to conduct independent research and take unconventional directions over a period of several years. Individual funding programs are based on the different needs within basic research, ranging from career programs and project funding for research projects in small or larger teams to support for cross-institutional or international collaborations.

The funding portfolio is thematically open, supplemented in a few areas by subject-specific funding programs. Regardless of which program you apply to, in the end, all applications are decided upon by the FWF’s Scientific Board based on international peer review.

Thematically open programs are divided into five categories


The excellence initiative excellent=austria funds large research networks (Clusters of Excellence), medium-sized inter-institutional teams (Emerging Fields), and the recruitment of highly qualified professors at Austrian universities (FWF Distinguished Professors).



Project funding provides researchers with the freedom and flexibility they need to carry out pioneering, multi-year projects in all areas of basic research. In addition to national projects, custom-tailored funding is available for bi- or trilateral projects. Special programs like Clinical Research and Arts-Based Research complete the portfolio.



Career funding opportunities focus on supporting researchers at different career stages, from PhD to postdoc and beyond. These programs help junior researchers gain a foothold in cutting-edge research by conducting a research project of their own. Additional career development measures are also included in the FWF’s comprehensive range of services.



These funding programs are designed to expand and strengthen cooperative research in teams of all sizes, across institutional and regional borders.



Disseminating research findings and entering into a discourse with the public – funding is available for citizen science projects, science communication, and the publication of research results.


Select the most suitable funding program for you from our program portfolio. More detailed information on the content and focus of individual funding programs can be found in each program’s application guidelines (available as a PDF download on the individual program pages).


Additional subject-specific funding

In addition to its thematically open programs, the FWF offers targeted funding opportunities for research on selected topics, including privately funded research awards. For an overview of subject-specific funding opportunities, please see the section on subject-specific funding.

Subject-specific Funding

International programs

Researchers can also apply for country-specific funding, making it easier to conduct international research projects. Thanks to numerous agreements with partner organizations in Europe and beyond, researchers can choose from a wide range of cooperating countries. For a complete list, please see the international collaborations section.

International Collaborations

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