The FWF's communication activities are aimed at strengthening society’s trust in science, emphasizing the importance of basic research to the general public, and making the findings of publicly funded research accessible to a broad audience.

  • The online magazine puts researchers and their discoveries in the spotlight in articles, pictures, and videos. It also offers weekly updates on scientific progress in Austria.
  • The science talks Am Puls inspire conversations between researchers and the public. The panel discussions are held in different venues throughout the country, and a livestream is available online. The FWF has also established other event formats, such as the discussion series Was die Welt zusammenhält held at the ORF-Radiokulturhaus in Vienna.
  • Other events, such as the START/Wittgenstein Award Ceremony or the ceremony presenting the recipients of the FWF’s career program funding, direct the spotlight to the achievements of successful researchers.
  • On its social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), the FWF shares information on research discoveries made possible by FWF funding.
  • To raise awareness for the wide range of current research projects, the FWF provides an overview of all funded projects together with additional information, such as resulting publications, on its online Research Radar page

Science communication in the FWF’s funding portfolio

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