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Research data management is an integral part of good research practice (see Research Integrity & Research Ethics). The FWF therefore requires a Data Management Plan (DMP) for all projects approved under the new guidelines after January 1, 2019. A data management plan (DMP) describes how data and its metadata are collected, organized, stored, published, shared, and archived for a given project. A DMP also explains how to make the data FAIR, that is, findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. The FWF’s open access policy for research data must be taken into account when preparing the DMP.

The FWF has defined a minimum set of questions that cover the data management plan and that must be addressed when completing the DMP template (see IV. Publication Costs). The FWF DMP template is consistent with the Core Requirements for Data Management Plans from Science Europe.


The DMP must be submitted together with the FWF grant agreement for an approved project. The DMP is a prerequisite for the start of the project and will be reviewed by the FWF to check that it is complete. It must be written in the same language as the grant application. It is recommended that you consult with your own research institution’s research data management support when drafting the DMP.

The DMP should be viewed as a “living document”. It can be changed throughout the entire project duration, and these changes must be documented (DMP versioning). The final version must be submitted with the final project report.


An application for the costs for preparing, archiving, open access for and subsequent use of research data in repositories can be made as part of the funding application (see the respective application guidelines).

FWF DMP – Guidelines and Template

DMP – Guidelines and template (docx, 44 KB)

DMP – Guidelines and template (docx, 46 KB) (in German)

FWF DMP – Evaluation Rubric

The FWF Evaluation Rubric based on the Template for a Data Management Plan Evaluation Rubric from Science Europe is recommended for further assistance in drafting the DMP and for the evaluation.

DMP – Evaluation Rubric

DMP – Evaluierungsmatrix (pdf, 144 KB) (in German)

Example DMPs

Example DMPs from the Digital Curation Center (DCC)

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