Whether publications, studies, or patents – research results are diverse and far-reaching. Researchers make their findings freely available in final project reports, contributing to scientific progress and innovation in many areas of society.

Discovering new things and advancing scientific knowledge – the results of FWF-funded projects provide the foundation for progress and prosperity. The structured documentation of project results in a final project report and a final statement of costs mark the successful conclusion of an FWF project.

Results are documented in the final project report

The online research documentation system Researchfish is used for the long-term collection of research data and results. In most FWF programs, researchers are required to submit the final project report via Researchfish before a project can be successfully completed. The results submitted are then published by the FWF on its online Research Radar page. In order to make sure the impact and effects of research projects remain accessible in the long term, the FWF strongly encourages researchers to document further results (publications, patents, etc.) in Researchfish even after completion of the project. Please click here for more information on final project reports.

Final Project Reports

The use of funds is documented in a final statement of costs

Researchers (or in the case of PROFI, research institutions) are required to document the appropriate use of the funding provided in an annual statement of costs. At the end of the project, a final statement of costs must be submitted to the FWF covering the period from the last annual statement of costs to the closing of the project. Please refer to your grant agreement for all information on the content and form of the annual and final statements of costs.

Your feedback to the FWF

As part of the final project report described above, the FWF also asks all principal investigators for their feedback on the various project phases. This feedback helps the FWF to continuously improve its funding services. Results are available in a Final project report survey.

Final Project Report Survey

Supplementary programs: Top Citizen Science and Science Communication

Take advantage of the FWF's supplementary funding opportunities to expand your project to include citizen science aspects or to break new ground in science communication. The Top Citizen Science program [LINK TO PROGRAM] is open to principal investigators of an ongoing FWF project, while the Science Communication program [LINK TO PROGRAM] is for researchers who have already completed their FWF-funded research.

Top Citizen Science Science Communication

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