All applications for funding differ based on each program’s content and formal requirements. This helps the FWF comparatively review each application’s relevant information, ranging from researchers’ CVs to the project description, and keeps the awarding process fair and transparent.

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A well thought-out, informative proposal that meets all content-related and formal requirements is the key to a quick funding decision. Each year, the FWF receives several hundred research proposals, and each one is reviewed by international experts (researchers with experience in their field) and submitted to the Scientific Board for a decision.

Checking eligibility requirements

The FWF’s funding programs have been developed to best meet the researchers’ needs in the field of basic research. For this reason, application requirements also vary from program to program. Before applying, please check that you meet the eligibility requirements for the program you have chosen. These requirements are detailed in each program’s application guidelines.

FWF funding is aimed at researchers working at Austrian research institutions. In addition, to support brain gain in the Austrian research community, the FWF also funds international researchers who are currently working abroad but would like to gain a foothold at an Austrian research institution with FWF funding. Researchers currently working outside of Austria can find the relevant information in the application guidelines of each individual program. For further information, please see the section on applying from abroad.

Applying from Abroad

Program-specific information in application guidelines

To ensure that funding is awarded fairly, the FWF specifies certain content-related and formal requirements for all funding applications. Specific requirements may apply for individual programs. Please read the application guidelines carefully before submitting and get in touch with the FWF contact named for your program directly if you have any questions. Each program’s individual application guidelines are available as PDF downloads on the respective program page. These guidelines contain all the information you will need to apply, including how to present your academic CV, naming the members of the research team, or breaking down project costs.

FWF Funding Guidelines

The FWF Funding Guidelines describe the legal framework that applies to all programs. Download the FWF Funding Guidelines here. For more detailed, program-specific application guidelines, please refer to each individual program.

Two different application modes: PROFI or ad personam

By the end of 2023, the FWF will have switched the administration of most of its funding programs to the new PROFI mode. This change is intended to make the funding process easier for researchers and their institutions while ensuring autonomy in the application process. For programs administered in PROFI mode, the respective research institution submits the application on behalf of the researcher. In the few remaining ad personam funding programs, researchers apply directly. For more information about applying in PROFI or ad personam mode, please see the PROFI / ad personam section

PROFI or ad personam

The FWF recommends that all applicants contact the Austrian research institution where the project is to be carried out before submitting their proposal to clarify any specific requirements the research institution may have for applying for FWF funding.

Information on the use of funds and personnel costs

A description of the intended use of the funds (eligible costs), including a calculation of planned personnel costs, must be submitted with every proposal. To make cost calculation easier when applying for FWF projects, the currently valid standard personnel costs and salaries are available online. The FWF’s personnel cost rates must be applied in your application. Please note that actual personnel costs may differ due to collective bargaining agreements or operational agreements in place at the respective research institutions. For more information on costs eligible for funding by the FWF, please refer to the respective application guidelines.

Personnel Costs

Equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion

To create equal opportunities for everyone in the competitive field of research funding, breaks or interruptions in a researcher’s professional career can be detailed when submitting a proposal. Researchers are given the option to explain justified career breaks (e.g. due to pregnancy, childcare, caregiving obligations, military or civilian service, flight, or asylum) or unorthodox career paths (due to disability or long-term illness) in their academic CV, making these explanations available to international reviewers. The FWF also offers people with challenging life circumstances special consulting services on applying for funding. If you have any questions regarding the application process due to your individual situation, please don’t hesitate to contact the Equal Opportunities in Research Funding office by email at chancengleichheit(at)


Apply online on elane

To submit your funding proposal using the elane online application portal, first select your research institution from the list of research institutions registered with the FWF (exception: this step is omitted for ad personam submissions). You can then proceed to upload your application documents. In a final step, the research institution needs to approve your application for submission (applies to PROFI only). In the few remaining ad personam programs, you will also need to complete an application cover sheet in elane, sign it, and return it to the FWF.


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