To understand the world, we need to both look closely and see the big picture. Basic research takes time, but it opens up entirely new horizons. This is why we support pioneering researchers on their roads to discovery. The wealth of their insights is the capital of future generations.

Basic research. For researchers.

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) funds and supports outstanding researchers and their teams in their work at the cutting edge of research. They are given the freedom they need to conduct independent research and take unexpected directions. The international peer review process ensures quality in the selection of the best researchers and ideas from all disciplines. For this reason, FWF funding is recognized as a prestigious distinction in the scientific community.

Basic research. For Austria as a research location.

The FWF’s investments in basic research are efficient and have considerable leverage in the knowledge and innovation sectors. This is guaranteed by the selection of the best projects based on the highest quality standards. Funds supplied by the FWF have a long-term effect, because new scientific findings have the potential to revolutionize entire fields of research and strengthen the foundations for a wide range of innovative solutions. A strong basic research community attracts the most talented minds and their expertise. This helps strengthen Austria’s economy, improve the quality of life, and ensure the well-being of future generations.

Basic research. For you and me.

To understand the world, we need to both look closely and see the big picture. The pioneering findings of basic research lay the groundwork for mastering future challenges we can’t even imagine yet, decisively improving our lives and those of future generations, especially when it comes to developments that affect each individual and society as a whole. Whether it's global warming, health, technological advancement, history, or democracy, basic research is an insurance policy for our common future.

Basic research. For academic partners.

With its expertise in scientific excellence, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is a reliable partner for Austrian research institutions. By funding outstanding researchers, it sets quality standards and supports institutions in their strategic positioning on the world stage. It helps to find the best researchers and gives them the resources they need to establish themselves at Austrian research institutions.

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) as an employer

One thing FWF employees have in common is boundless enthusiasm for science and research. Together, we are committed to awarding funding on a fair and independent basis according to international quality standards. As an employer, the FWF encourages personal responsibility and places particular emphasis on respectful, appreciative interaction, a strong team spirit, and dialog. The FWF offices are centrally located and conveniently accessible. Teleworking options are also available. Working at the FWF means supporting Austria's best researchers on their way to the top.

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