Researchers publish their findings in academic books and papers. Thanks to years of open-access funding, many of these books and publications are freely available online. On this page, we’ve put together information on how and where you can access these research results in the FWF E-Book Library.

The FWF E-Book Library is a repository for the open-access publication of books funded by the FWF. Identical digital copies of all FWF-funded publications submitted since December 2011 are available online and free of charge in the FWF E-Book Library. The joint open-access archiving of FWF-funded books is intended to increase visibility and the dissemination of research publications. Online open-access publication alone is not enough to ensure that all publications find their readers, so the digital copies are also released with Creative Commons licenses and include metadata linked to international scientific platforms and search engines. All e-books archived in the FWF E-Book Library are also included in the OAPEN Library and published in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), for example. The FWF publishes not only all publications funded under the Book Publications program in the FWF E-Book Library, but also offers authors and publishers the opportunity to archive all FWF-funded books published since 2000 in this repository.

Technical support is provided by the University of Vienna’s Library and Archive Services with Phaidra - Permanent Hosting, Archiving, and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets. Phaidra is a whole-university digital asset management system with long-term archiving capabilities.

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