In line with the Berlin Declaration, the FWF requires all project leaders and project participants to make their peer-reviewed publications openly accessible on the Internet if they result in whole or in part from FWF-funded projects.

The following applies to peer-reviewed book publications:  

I. Open Access Options 

Option 1: Open Access Publications

Open access to book publications can be ensured through direct open access publication (e.g., with a publisher) with a Creative Commons license. The Attribution (CC BY) Creative Commons license should be the one selected. Use of the Attribution – Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) Creative Commons license is possible.

Funding can be applied for in the Book Publications program.

Option 2: Open access archiving of a book publication

Open access may also be ensured by self-archiving the publisher’s version or accepted manuscript* in a registered institutional, discipline-specific, or open-discipline repository (see OpenDOAR). Archiving in the FWF E-Book Library is possible (see Metadata form). Self-archiving must be completed with a Creative Commons license after no more than 12 months of embargo. 

FWF funding is not available for self-archiving and time-delayed open access. 

* The Open Access version should (where possible) include all text, images, figures, tables, indexes, and other supporting content. If this is not possible for legal reasons, illustrations, third-party materials, etc. may be redacted and references provided. The archived accepted manuscript must include a note that this is not the final version published by the publisher.

II. Acknowledgement

The following text must be included in all publications resulting from FWF projects: “Austrian Science Fund (FWF) [grant DOI]” 

III. Archiving

If "Option 1: Open Access Publication" is selected, the publisher or author(s) must also provide an accessible PDF/A of the publication and information on the metadata for long-term archiving in the FWF E-Book Library.

The Metadata form required for inclusion in the FWF E-Book Library is available online.

IV. Publication Costs

Funding for book publications such as monographs, proceedings, or edited volumes can be applied for through the Book Publications program.

V. Special regulation for edited volumes and proceedings

  • The entire edited volume is considered to be a result of the project if the editor is the project leader or a project participants, or if the edited volume is the result of a conference organized as part of a project funded by the FWF. Funding can be applied for through the Book Publications program.
  • A single contribution in an open access edited volume is a project result if the project leader or project staff members publish their contributions in an open access edited volume published by someone else. Information on funding options can be found under FWF Open-Access Block Grant.
  • If “Option 2: Open Access Archiving of the Book Publication” is selected for the Open Access publication, there is an exception rule whereby only those contributions that were written by the project leader and/or project participants have to be published via Open Access and not the entire edited volume.

VI. Documentation

The Open Access activities and compliance with the FWF’s open access policy must be documented in the final project report to the FWF. This takes place using a persistent identifier via which the full text of the publication can be viewed, read and downloaded. Further information can be found at Research documentation.

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