The Supervisory Board is entrusted with numerous powers of monitoring and approval.

It adopts resolutions on the FWF’s annual accounts as well as its annual budget forecasts and its multi-annual and annual work plans. The Supervisory Board elects the President and the Vice-Presidents on the basis of a shortlist of three candidates submitted by the Assembly of Delegates. Upon consultation with the President, it appoints the Executive Vice-President.



7th term (2023-2027)


Heinz W. Engl

Former Rector of the University of Vienna

Debuty Chair

Susanne Kalss

Vienna University of Economics and Business


Gabriele Ambros

Forschung Austria


Günther R. Burkert

University for Continuing Education Krems


Wilfried Eichlseder

Montanuniversität Leoben


Ulrike Felt

University of Vienna


Eva Gollubits

Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior


Ulrike Tanzer

University of Innsbruck


Andrea Wald-Bruckner

FWF Staff Council


Rudolf Zechner

University of Graz

Consultant Members

Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell

FFG Supervisory Board


Martin Gerzabek

Christian Doppler Research Association

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