Helping people understand and experience science, and more importantly, inspiring the next generation to get involved – that is the goal of science communication. This program supports scientists in communicating their FWF-funded research work to various discourse groups through new, creative communication measures. The aim is to make research and its results visible and to strengthen the public’s trust in science.

Target group

The program is aimed at researchers in Austria who are leading or have led an FWF-funded project or who are working or have worked on an FWF-funded project.

Funding goals

The central objective is to provide funding for outstanding science communication initiatives aimed at communicating research findings from FWF-funded projects to the public. 

Additional program-specific information

The scientific quality of the Science Communication proposal must be ensured by an existing FWF project, i.e., an ongoing FWF project or one which ended not more than 3 years prior to the submission deadline.

These existing projects can be in any funding program, with the exception of:

  • Erwin Schrödinger
  • Book publications, Digital Publications, Academic Journals
  • Clusters of Excellence
  • Top Citizen Science
  • Science Communication

Funding period and funding amount

  • Up to 24 months
  • Max. €100,000


  • Applicant
    • Principal investigator or FWF-funded staff member of an FWF project (“existing project") that is either ongoing or was completed not more that 3 years prior to the submission deadline
    • Appropriate science communication-related qualifications to lead the planned expansion project
  • Expansion project to be carried out at an Austrian research institution with the necessary infrastructure
  • For further details, please see the application guidelines.


  • Decided by the Scientific Board based on an international review process 
  • Decision annually in October

Application information

Proposals can be submitted during the application period using the online application portal elane

Number of eligible projects

Approx. 5 projects per call

Funding institution

Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and, if applicable, other funding agencies


Currently no submissions

Inquiries and contact

Gerit Oberraufner (she/her)
+43 676 83487 8606


Apr. 08, 2024: Workshop

Application portal

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