This program funds the publication and simultaneous open-access publication of books on research findings.

Target group

The funding program is aimed at researchers from all disciplines.

Funding goals

The Book Publications program provides researchers with funding for the publication and simultaneous open-access publication of their academic books to make them accessible to a wider public. In addition to monographs, edited volumes and proceedings are also eligible for funding.

Additional program-specific information

In the Book Publications funding program, publications on the results of FWF-funded projects that have already been subject to FWF's quality control procedure may qualify for an accelerated decision-making process. In addition, the publisher must submit two positive, relevant reviews to the FWF that meet the FWF’s decision-making requirements.

Applications for an accelerated decision may only be submitted if:

  • The intended publication is the result of a project funded by the FWF
  • The publisher has subjected the entire manuscript to an international peer review process

Funding period and funding amount

  • The book must be published within 36 months of approval of the grant.
  • Funding is applied for in modules. The maximum funding amount is €22,000.


  • Presentation of results of basic research of international relevance
  • Simultaneous open-access publication required
  • Proofreading and editing, foreign language editing, or translation required
  • For further details, please see the application guidelines.


Decision by the Scientific Board

Application information

Rolling submissions using the online application portal elane

Funding institution

Austrian Science Fund (FWF)



Inquiries and contact

Mag. Doris Haslinger
+43 676 83487 8305

Application portal

Program-specific FAQ

What is not eligible for funding?

Periodicals, yearbooks, books honoring a specific person, organization, or event (Festschriften), conference and congress proceedings without a special focus, new editions (reprints, edited volumes of previously published articles), textbooks, bibliographies, exhibition catalogs, collection catalogs, photography or coffee table books, reprints, works of local interest (e.g., municipal chronicles), and theses below dissertation level are not eligible for funding.
Applications are rejected without review if the work has already been published or is in layout or printing.

Does the FWF fund copy editing that was already carried out before submission to the FWF?

Copy editing that was already carried out prior to submission is eligible for retroactive funding under the following conditions:
Reviews did not indicate the need for any further copy editing.
The publisher or the applicant is required to provide the FWF with a record of the changes made in order to enable verification of the editing work done. In other words, the FWF must be able to verify that editing was carried out prior to the submission of the manuscript. The FWF must be notified of the name of the editor.

Are dissertations and postdoctoral theses written in Austria eligible for funding?

The FWF funds postdoctoral theses and revised dissertations by individuals eligible to apply to the FWF. The FWF funds postdoctoral theses and revised dissertations by individuals who are not eligible to apply to the FWF up to 3 years after completion of the work if it was carried out and accepted under the auspices of an Austrian research institution. The author does not have to be an Austrian citizen or be employed in Austria.
Researchers who hold professorships abroad are not eligible to apply for FWF funding.

When are editors eligible to apply for funding to the FWF?

Editors may only apply to the FWF for funding if the publication is an anthology. In all other cases, only the author can apply.

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