The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) awards research funding on behalf of the Austrian federal government for basic research in all disciplines conducted at university and non-university institutions, as well as for arts-based research. In 2023, it funded approximately 2,600 projects involving some 5,000 researchers. The new investment total in 2023 was around €349 million.

In a selective, international peer-review process, the FWF funds outstanding researchers and groundbreaking ideas of high scientific quality. The insights they gain make Austria a more attractive research location and create the broad knowledge base needed to face future challenges.

Through its activities, the FWF supports a dynamic research culture that produces the best researchers and attracts outstanding talent. Excellent researchers are crucial for Austria's universities and research institutions, helping them to keep up with global competition and to gain new insights that benefit both the economy and society as a whole.

Matching Funds Initiative

The cooperation of the Austrian federal states with the FWF in the Matching Funds initiative is an integral part of the Austrian research landscape. Excellent projects that the FWF cannot fund on its own can be implemented through co-financing by the federal states, strengthening regional research locations in the long term and increasing Austria's innovation power. 

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