The FWF is aware of its responsibility as a research funding organization and is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society. For this reason, it has anchored sustainability in its values and is developing a sustainability strategy and a package of key sustainability measures.

Science is called upon to contribute to ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable development in many ways: by producing research findings and innovations for a future worth living, by engaging in and expanding dialog with society, and by acting sustainably itself. The aim is to think in the longer term and create ecological, social, and economic solutions that will also benefit future generations. Sustainable approaches contribute, for example, to slowing down global warming, reducing the consumption of primary raw materials, and preserving biodiversity. We face many challenges at regional and global levels.

In order to contribute to this development, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) has anchored sustainability in its values. Its activities cover three areas:

Research on sustainability

Knowledge and innovation are needed to implement effective measures. This is why the FWF offers special subject-specific calls in its funding portfolio in addition to open-topic funding, in which sustainability can be researched in all its dimensions:

  • National and international funding priorities on topics such as "AI Green" or European/international funding cooperations such as Water4All, Biodiversa+ or Belmont Forum
  • Science fundraising specifically for research projects on sustainability (alpha+ Foundation), including the Zero Emissions Award, Austria’s most highly endowed research award for renewable energy and the energy transition

More sustainable research

The FWF provides incentives that make it easier for researchers to implement their projects as sustainably as possible:

More sustainable actions

In its offices, the FWF tries to conserve resources in its daily work as much as possible:

  • Sustainable procurement and events (e.g. green events)
  • Reducing paper use
  • Reducing air travel
  • Holding informational events and workshops for employees
  • Networking with relevant stakeholders at home and abroad
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