Today’s great expeditions are in science. In laboratories, archives, or out in the field – basic research is always a journey into the unknown, towards new answers for a better future. In order for something new to emerge, we need people willing to take the first step: Find out more about our successfully funded researchers, their discoveries and breakthroughs – these are just a few of the countless researchers who are discovering today what will matter tomorrow.


Emmanuelle Charpentier
Key Discovery

Few discoveries have revolutionized biomedicine faster and more radically than CRISPR/Cas9, popularly known as the “gene scissors”. These scissors are supposed to do things that were previously almost inconceivable: curing hereditary diseases, defeating cancer, making crops more resistant. This is a tool science has been waiting for, since CRISPR/Cas9 is precise, simple and cheap.

Adrian Constantin
Key Discovery

Mathematician Adrian Constantin is investigating the “underwater engine” of the El Niño climate phenomenon, which triggers devastating droughts in some regions, and heavy rains and floods in others. Constantin’s complex models facilitate better predictions of natural disasters.

Christa Schleper
Key Discovery

How did complex life evolve on Earth? This is still one of the greatest mysteries of biology, and Christa Schleper is one step closer to finding the answer. The microbiologist succeeded in cultivating tiny unicellular organisms, which may represent the missing link in the evolution to complex living organisms such as plants and animals. Archaea are among the first living things on Earth and offer new insights into our own evolution. At the same time, they play a crucial role in our future.

Wolfgang Lutz
Key Discovery

Migration, population growth, shrinking societies: in public debate these topics fuel more emotions than most others. One hears of “waves of refugees”, a “population explosion” and a “tsunami of aging”. Demographer Wolfgang Lutz concentrates on the big picture of social developments. Once the education levels of the population – and especially that of girls – were included in development analyses, this revolutionized his research field. It also resulted in different forecasts when it comes to the pressing issues facing humanity, such as the climate crisis.

Anton Zeilinger
Key Discovery

The quantum age has been upon us for some time now. Applications in this field are being explored extensively. With his work on quantum cryptography and teleportation, quantum researcher Anton Zeilinger has laid essential foundations for the new world of quantum communication. At the same time, the Nobel Laureate in Physics has intensified the scientific focus on the fundamental building blocks of our universe. His work on quantum entanglement addresses theoretical problems dating back to Albert Einstein.


Monika Henzinger
Key Discovery

From advanced search engine technology to maintaining privacy in the analysis of Big Data: Computer scientist Monika Henzinger is working on the further development of the fundamental structures of our digital systems. At the same time, however, she makes sure that her approaches remain practical and efficient, so they can quickly find their way into practice and give rise to new applications.

What is a nation?
Key Discovery

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Apr. 30, 2024
Biology and Medicine
Researcher Bea Maas in front of wilderness and mountains in Africa
Nov. 17, 2023
Biology and Medicine
Alexandra Kautzky-Willer
Sep. 25, 2023
Culture and Society
Stefanie Wuschitz
July 4, 2023
Biology and Medicine
Nicolas Singewald
Apr. 27, 2023
Culture and Society
Ariane Sadjed
Dec. 16, 2022
Culture and Society
July 11, 2022
Biology and Medicine
May 12, 2022
Culture and Society
Jan. 25, 2022
Biology and Medicine
Herta Steinkellner


FWF Wittgenstein Award
Physiker Hans J. Briegel
FWF START Award winners 2023


May 21, 2024
Nature and Technology
Screen with stock market prices in front of a bank
May 13, 2024
Biology and Medicine
CT images of the brain in the laboratory with patient in the tube
Apr. 29, 2024
Culture and Society
Office cleaner
Apr. 22, 2024
Biology and Medicine
Olive groves in the hilly region of Tuscany
Apr. 15, 2024
Biology and Medicine
Breastfeeding mum with baby in her arm
Mar. 25, 2024
Culture and Society
Two Catholic Nuns walking across city place, church in the background
Apr. 8, 2024
Culture and Society
Scene from the famous musical film "Zwei Herzen im ¾ Takt"
Apr. 2, 2024
Nature and Technology
Illustration with girl and hare from a children's book
Mar. 18, 2024
Culture and Society
Harbor town of Piran on the Adriatic coast

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