NORFACE is a partnership of European funding organizations working together to fund research in the social and behavioral sciences, and CHANSE (Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe is a joint initiative of 27 funding organizations from 24 countries whose goal is to support collaborative research projects in the humanities and social sciences. The 2023 joint call is focusing on the topic “Enhancing well-being for the future.”

Target group

The funding program is aimed at researchers working in the social sciences at universities and non-academic research institutions.

Funding goals

  • Funding excellent and internationally leading theoretical and methodological research projects on well-being, from multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, or comparative approaches, which create synergies throughout Europe
  • Developing and funding theoretically grounded, research-based findings and insights into well-being in the context of highly relevant social, policy, economic, and practical issues, in ways that have the potential to improve people’s lives
  • Motivating and supporting excellence and capacity building in research into well-being on a transnational basis in NORFACE countries, Europe, and beyond

Funding period and funding amount

The maximum funding period is 36 months.


The requirements and specifications for the FWF program Principal Investigator Projects apply.


  • Decided by the Scientific Board based on a recommendation of the Call Secretariat
  • Expected in late 2024

Application information

Each proposal must involve a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 researchers from at least 4 different participating partner countries. A joint proposal must be submitted by the project coordinator to the central Call Secretariat.

For details, please see the call text published on the CHANSE website.

In addition to the submission to the Call Secretariat, the proposal must also be uploaded to elane, the FWF's application portal, before the specified deadline to ensure eligibility. For details, please see the document “National eligibility requirements,” also on the CHANSE website.

This program is subject to a two-stage application procedure.

  • Deadline for submission of pre-proposals:

September 21, 2023          2:00 pm CEST – Call Secretariat
September 21, 2023          2:00 pm CEST – FWF

  • Deadline for submission of full proposals:          

March 26, 2024                             2:00 pm CET – Call Secretariat
March 26, 2024                             2:00 pm CET – FWF

Funding institution

Austrian Science Fund (FWF)


Currently no submissions

Inquiries and contact

Dr. Petra Grabner
+43 676 83487 8301

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