The objective behind netidee SCIENCE, funded by the Internet Foundation, is to support independent basic research on the opportunities and challenges presented by the internet and related innovations at Austria's universities and non-university research institutions. Funding is available to researchers from all disciplines who are generating new knowledge on technical, economic, social, or political aspects of the internet.

Target group

This funding program is aimed at researchers from all disciplines.

Funding goals

On behalf of the Internet Foundation, the FWF invites applications for netidee SCIENCE funding for excellent online research. The program aims to strengthen independent basic research at Austria’s universities and non-university research institutions on the opportunities and challenges presented by the internet and related innovations.

The Internet Stiftung is committed to further developing the internet in Austria and to ensuring a free and well-regulated access to all that it offers. The netidee SCIENCE grant is intended to support and strengthen this guiding principle.

Funding is provided especially for forward-looking basic research projects that address the following issues:

  • The technologies and methods behind the internet
  • Social aspects and implications of the internet

Topics can range from projects on basic technologies, the Internet of Things, information security, and data protection, to research into communication systems, social networks, and new forms of digital communication and their impact on society.

Please click here for more information on the objectives of netidee SCIENCE.

Additional program-specific information

Applications for netidee SCIENCE can be submitted under the FWF programs:

Applications submitted for this call are not subject to the restriction on the number of projects in progress.

Funding period and funding amount

  • Funding duration and funding amount are program-specific.
  • For Principal Investigator Projects funded by the Internet Foundation, the general project costs are increased to 10%.
  • ESPRIT projects receive 5% more budget.


The requirements and specifications for the FWF programs Principal Investigator Projects or ESPRIT apply, as well as the Supplementary Application Guidelines for this subject-specific funding.


  • Decision by the Internet Foundation based on a recommendation by the Scientific Board
  • €400,000  in funding provided by the Foundation; if the required funding amount for an approved project exceeds this amount, the FWF will cover the difference.
  • Proposals that have received outstanding reviews that cannot be funded by the Foundation will funded by the FWF (but without the increase in general project costs).
  • Annually in October/November

Application information

  • Proposals are submitted online using the electronic application portal elane.
  • The application guidelines for Principal Investigator Projects or ESPRIT apply.
  • The relevance of the proposal to the topic of this subject-specific call must be detailed in an additional form on elane.
  • The Supplementary Application Guidelines include additional specifics of the call.

Funding institution

Internet Foundation, Austrian Science Fund (FWF)


Currently no submissions

Inquiries and contact

Gerit Oberraufner (she/her)
+43 676 83487 8606

Scientific project officers in the specialist departments

Inquiries and contact for applications to the ESPRIT program

FWF staff in the Strategy – Career Development department 


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