The following table shows the FWF standard personnel costs and salaries for 2024 (in €). Please note that these standard personnel costs and salaries apply only to applications for FWF projects. Actual personnel costs incurred may differ due to collective bargaining agreements or operational agreements made by the respective research institutions and can be billed accordingly within the limits of the approved funding amount.

The FWF's standard personnel cost rates are automatically increased by 6.85% p.a. from the second project year onwards in order to cover expected cost increases. This PROFI increase rate replaces the annual valorization of existing wages and salaries for individuals employed in the context of FWF-funded projects.

Personnel cost rates and salaries (in €) for applications for FWF projects (valid from February 2024):
Category Hours Per year Per month
Senior postdoc 40 92,150.00 5,211.80
Postdoc 40 84,030.00 4,752.30
Doktoral candidate 30 47,520.00 2,684.10
BMA 40 56,420.00 3,188.90
CTA 40 47,400.00 2,677.80
MTS 40 52,540.00 2,969.10
TS 40 43,550.00 2,460.10
Student employee 20 23,060.00 1,299.60

Marginal employment

9,130.00 518.44

The personnel cost rates per year include the employer's contribution (gross salary).


  • Senior postdoc: Personnel cost rate for grant-salaried principal investigators who finance their own salary from the project budget (including principal investigators in the career development programs ESPRIT, Erwin Schrödinger [return phase], Elise Richter, and Elise Richter PEEK).
  • Postdoc: Generally for project staff with a doctorate and graduates with a medical degree awarded under the provisions of the curricula N, O, or Q 201; N, Q 094; N, O 790; or N 090.
  • Doctoral candidate: The personnel costs that can be requested for doctoral candidates are limited to a maximum of 30 hours/week. This rate also applies to graduates of medical studies under the provisions of the curricula N, O, or Q 202 as well as N, O, or Q 203. The basis for calculating personnel costs for fewer working hours is €63,360.00 per year (100%).
  • BMA: Biomedical analyst
  • CTA: Chemical-technical assistant, technical assistant
  • MTS: Medical-technical specialist
  • TS: Technical specialist, mechanic, lab technician, programmer
  • Marginal employment: Statutory accident insurance only

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